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Peter Nigido

Australian musical artist ‘Peter Nigido,’ welcomes the release of his ambitious new single titled ‘Turn A Page’. It comes alongside the release of his debut EP ‘The Art Of Turning A Page’. Peter’s electronic and acoustic instrumental style challenges the minds of its listeners and moves to feed their soul. The music is a combination between the organic and the rhythmic synthesized world. Dynamically created, with lyrics set to explore themes of relationships, challenge and personal growth, he drives an awakening of hope and optimism.

The focus of ‘Turn A Page’ is about self-reflection and becoming emotionally stronger. He challenges the listener to become kinder and to think before acting on emotion. Demanding attention, Peter’s music is melodically composed expressing symbolic imagery. Its metaphoric charisma will surprise all. ‘The Art Of Turning A Page’ pulls no punches. A Provocation of strength and boundless creativity signifies the passion Peter displays in his writing and performance.

Peter’s journey is one of truth, depth and emotional maturity. For the first time Peter places himself in the vocal front line, exploring warm breathy sounds that are unconventionally structured and provoking. Gentle guitar chord progressions, resonant bass lines and pulsating keys, makes his music surprising and un-restraining in every way. Peter leaves no stoneunturned in his search for musical nirvana. There is a conscious musical effort to set one – self free. A chemistry of illusions will endeavour to help one search for that freedom and aid to bring back the beauty of honesty and love. ‘Turn A Page’ is just one example of Peter’s strength and potential to both write and create music. Peter Nigido is definitely one of Australia’s upcoming musical artists which will challenge the attitudes of many. He is something not to be missed.